Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A "lil bit" of Everything!

I never thought I would ever start a blog.....I just never knew what to write about or thought I had anything important to write about! Boy was I wrong!!  I love reading other Mommy's blogs, it's like reading a devotional sometimes..it always speaks to me or pertains to something going on in my life and I LOVE that! I love knowing that there are others out there that have silly things they get angry about,or have wild kids that pitch fits while there in a highchair or walker for no apparent reason (that would be my child). I know my blogs wont always be interesting to read but I would like to know that someone is getting something out of it one day.. So we will see where this goes.

So i guess I'll start with everything in a nutshell.... Peyton is walking! it started about a week ago and boy is she on the move. She is stubborn though,she won't walk when i try and show other people which is kind of embarrassing LOL! But she really is walking ...I promise! Hopefully i can catch a video of her and put it on here. She's a mess,but she is so sweet and sooo smart! I just love her more and more everyday! I want her to have everything she wants and for her just to be soo happy!

My sweet hubby! He works so hard...I wish he could spend more time at home with us,but he has to work. And he actually enjoys his work (some days) when he is home though he spends a lot of time with Peyton! She is such a daddy's girl...she loves him soo much! Last night he kept saying "I can't wait till she can say  I Love You to daddy" I laughed but deep down I thought ..how sweet!  Me and Harris were just recently baptized together..it was such a sweet experience! I felt so close to him....It made that bond in our marriage just a little bit tighter and also made our walk with God a little bit closer. We are really trying hard to build our relationship with God these days...we joined a great church and met lots of great people so far! Harris was recently in a bible study group with our pastor called Journey. They took a break for a while but I'm really hoping it starts back up soon. I was meeting on Wednesdays with some wonderful girls and we were reading a Beth Moore study..called Praying Gods Word,It was a little hard for me to make it every week considering Wednesdays were a day I worked,but when i did go I got so much out of listening to the other girls,they didn't make me feel intimidated or that they were better then me,It was such a good experience and I really hope I can go back when it starts again.

Well it's really hard not to go on and on with this but nap time is over,I can hear the squealing in the other room.

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